The Principle Series: What Honor Demands?

In the last post it ended saying that I will do what Honor demands.  As a keen reader I can hear you telling me that can mean anything because Honor can be different person to person. I disagree, but to help this is what I believe Honor demands. 

What is Honor?  Is it integrity? Determination? Pride? Ethics? You take your pick, I am not going to try and capture it in words where so many better authors have failed. Instead I am going to tell you some of the ways of what Honor demands. 

  1. Do what is morally right regardless of the consequences. I would rather be broke and homeless with honor then to live in a palace and have no honor.  
  2. Make every choice as if I am standing before the Throne of the Almighty explaining why I did.  Self explanatory, someday I will have to answer for my actions. The greatest thrill would be able to say that I lived my life with honor. 
  3. Be proud of the job that I did both in my performance and in the job itself. If it isn’t something you can be proud of then why do it?
  4. Never Let Profit or Emotions Rule, Principles Are King. Profit and emotions are accessories, they improve the experience that you have with something but they will bring the opposite if you make them the primary goal. Imagine having an tablet case and keyboard but no tablet, without the tablet the accessories are pointless and useless. Now imagine having the proper tablet with the keyboard and case, by having the correct accessories for your needs your experience with using a tablet will be far superior to the one without them, profit and emotions are the same way.     
  5. Be genuine and treat others with importance. People can feel when you are genuine or not. Life is to short not to be genuine. Everyone wants to feel important, if you can build someone up and it costs your nothing but your time and words, it is dishonorable to do anything else.  
  6. Don’t Stop Growing. It doesn’t matter what it is, always be growing. In business research and implement better ideas and systems, in life take classes and be physical, Spiritually never be satisfied with today. 

Those are some of the ways in which Honor Demands I respond. There will be days that I fail completely, there will be times where I break my honor. I’m not perfect and I never will be, but I will also never stop trying to live up to my Code of Honor.  I live this way for myself, I don’t care what others think of it. I would live to this code to the best of my abilities should I be alone on an island. I would live these Codes if others found them offensive and wrong. I live to these Codes because my soul demands it of me. 



Written By: Nathan Derksen

Owner of Bear Property Management, Serving the Rapid City, Spearfish, and Sturgis South dakota. We are a different type of business. One that believes Principles are first and Profit comes second. A company that uses the latest technology, makes data driven decisions, and builds genuine relationships with its clients. 

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