Today's Savvy investor is constantly trying to balance time, money, and stress. Those three things have predictable relationship with each other. If you increase your own time then you also increase your money and stress. If you decrease your time then you decrease your returns and your stress. What do you choose? 


Let us be the first ones to say, Property management is NOT right for everyone. Let us work with you to see if you need property management or perhaps there are a few tweaks with your current systems that could help you stay as profitable as possible and limit the amount of time in your business. Perhaps after researching your situation we find out that it would be more profitable for you to let us manage your properties and you increase your time at a different opportunity, such as your job. 

Let's say your 5 rentals take you on average 20 hours a month or 5 hours per week. If you were to hire us with our basic package it would cost you $375/per month.  That means that you are saving $18.75/hr. That is great if you make less than that but if you make more then the $18.75 it costs you money to manage your own properties.


How can we help?

  1. Time: When you hire BPM we take care of everything. No more finding tenants, fielding calls, going to their house for repairs, checking on those repairs, collecting rent, depositing the checks at the bank, and every other way rentals steal your time away.
  2. Stress/Peace: When you trust the people you work with you can relax and forget about your rentals. We offer the ability to see your rentals financial data 24/7 through your personal portal, your property managers cell phone number not just an office number, and most of all our honor code. We would rather live with honor then make a profit. As the owner I would rather go out of business then sell our values.
  3. Money: We help spend your money in this equation.. Okay so not always, we are an expense item on the properties however there are times when we actually help you make more money even after our expenses. Increased Rent is the first way, we have the best research in the Rapid City market of any company and that data lets us know exactly how much you can get for your property not just by a random number pulled out of the air. Decreased Maintenance costs, we work with other vendors to negotiate lower prices then they offer to the public. We also inspect your property and do scheduled maintenance (like an oil change for your car, they tend to get expensive if you skip a few...)