When is it time to remodel??

I get this question often from home owners. Do you remodel your property now that the tenant has moved out or do you wait until after the next one? At which point does it make financial sense to spend the money to remodel?  Their are two sides to this problem that I see, one is …

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The Principle Series: What Honor Demands?

      The Principle Series: What Honor Demands? In the last post it ended saying that I will do what Honor demands.  As a keen reader I can hear you telling me that can mean anything because Honor can be different person to person. I disagree, but to help this is what I believe …

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The Principle Series: Profit Second?

The Principle Series: Profit Second? When you read that title, the first thought is shock. You either agree or disagree but the statement itself is a shock and that makes us sad. We believe the worst business is one that bases everything off making a profit. Making a profit is part of the equation but …

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