The People Behind the Company

Bear, Co Founder 

 I am a Pure blooded German Shepherd Husky. I live for bones, steak, and belly rubs. I've been hanging out with this family since I was 2 weeks old.. I love working on job sites and riding in the work truck, I've never met a stranger.  Follow me at Bear Properties Facebook Page to see my adventures with property management.


Nathan Derksen, Owner & NR-Paramedic

    I grew up in Rapid City, South Dakota working for my dad's construction company. After graduating high school in 2006 I went to college in Arizona and became a Paramedic. After working as a paramedic for a few years down there I moved back to the Hills and haven't looked back since. 

   In 2014, I bought my first Duplex and house hacked it. From that moment on I have loved the real estate game and though I sold that first Duplex I currently own over a dozen properties.  When I was smaller I was growing my paramedic career and working full time construction so I tried having someone else manage my properties but it never turned out the way they said. I hated calling my property manager, talking to three people who didn't know anything about my properties and never hearing back from the guy who "knew" about them. From that moment on I have self managed my own properties getting everything rented quickly, for top dollar to quality tenants. As a professional I believe in over communication, honor and staying true to your word regardless of what it costs you. I was raised that a handshake is as good as a legal document and though we follow all the legal requirements for documentation we live by that same philosophy. 


Jackie Derksen, Project Coordinator, BBA

Jackie is an artist, organizer, a lover of real estate and doer. Jackie was born in Philadelphia and then at age 12 moved to Beulah,WY, so she understands extremes. She graduated from BHSU with a Bachelors in Business Administration: Econ and Management. She didn't go the normal route, instead she worked full time to help pay for college.  it took her two extra semesters but she graduated with less then 1/2 the normal debt!! During her time at BHSU she had her paintings featured in the BHSU art gallery, and was asked to speak regularly at events by the Dean of Business. She loves her Shar Pei Moose, her husbands german shepherd husky and her small studio home that she designed. Sip n Paint, Yoga, and Backpacking are her favorite hobbies and she always has time to hang out with her friends.

She married Nate in 2016 and ever since she has been Nate's right hand. Her primary role is to take care of the coordination between owners, tenants, contractors and our team. This means if you have a problem you often will talk to her first. She is also our in house designer and her growing portfolio has some incredible properties that she remodeled from the ground up. That is her passion, everything else is to occupy time in between her design projects. One of her main inspirations would be Joanna Gaines, she loves not only her designs but her moral compass as well.  One of the most admirable things about Jackie is she is willing to go against the crowd to do the right thing regardless of how unpopular it makes her.